Feira de MBA Internacional em SP e RJ, em setembro/09.

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Hi all,

For the ones who are graduated and are interested in continuing the studies abroad, I strongly recommend to visit the MBA World Tour, which will take place on Sep14th (Sao Paulo) and Sep16th (Rio).

Although I am not going to attend a full-time course abroad, I went to the 2008 edition of this fair to gather information about the universities and also about online programs (there are m-a-n-y).

Universities from all over the world come to present their courses and also to help people applying for (information about costs, documentation needed, how to get scholarships etc). It’s like the interchange fairs (Feira do Estudante, Expo Estude no Exterior, etc), but this one is focused on the people who are interested in MBA/Postgraduate programs.

I just don’t remember seeing anyone from Harvard, nor Cambridge, nor MIT… Maybe they don’t need to cross the oceans to chase after students :D

Most of the universities have a local interpreter, but some others don’t – “free” opportunity to practice English with native speakers…

The *most* important information: it is free, if you previously make your inscription online: http://www.topmba.com/mba_fairs/?partne ... 2godj3Pymw
(after, click on the city that you are going to attend the fair)

I hope it will be useful for some of you.

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