For Whom Did Brazilians Vote Abroad?

Henry Cunha 3 18 183
I have listed below several countries, in geographical blocks, along with the number of Brazilians who cast a vote for either Dilma or Serra. Can you guess who won the vote in each country? After making your selections, check ... do/2turno/ for how well your guesses have turned out.

Belgium 2002
Germany 8583
France 3947

USA 66940
Canada 7231

Uruguay 1514
Argentina 4291
Chile 1652

Colombia 580
Venezuela 1073
Guyana 74
French Guyana 3278

Good luck with your guesses!

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13 respostas
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Muito interessante, Henry. Não me espanto com o resultado em Cuba e na Europa.
Creio que os gráficos servirão em pesquisa política e até mesmo para jornalistas, para saberem o efeito da campanha realizada no exterior e quais fatos levaram o povo a votar em cada um dos candidatos, já que a grande maioria só acompanha as ações do governo (ou a falta delas) via internet, tv, ou através de contato com parentes, o que nem sempre significa o mesmo que "vivenciar" tais efeitos na vida real de quem vive aqui.

Também achei intessante saber a quantidade de eleitores morando no exterior. Tem mais gente na Itália do que no Japão, e isso pra mim foi surpresa.
Adriano Japan 2 20
where JAPAN is??? :evil:
Japão - 11827
kiddin' ;)
Adriano Japan 2 20
nossa, se tivesse dependido só dos votos no exterior, o Serra (azul) teria disparado.

Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Adriano, one thing I think the data confirms is that it is wealthier Brazilians who go abroad, or live abroad, and this is the class that prefers the PSDB over the PT, so the results seem self-evident. Still, it's a bit curious that the results for Denmark aren't similar to Germany, for instance, or for Chile and Argentina. A more difficult thesis to defend might be that Brazilians abroad adopt the political leanings of the countries where they choose to live.

As for Japan, I suspect the Brazilian contingent there has decreased significantly over the last ten years due to unfavorable economic conditions.
I am just surprised at how many brazilian in Europe voted for Dilma.Whatever,you know.
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
I have a friend in France who became Lula's fan. That's why I said I was not surprised by the results in Europe. The marketing campaign was really effective there.
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
I`m still trying to make sense of Serra's biggest wins: Singapore, ok. South Korea, ok. Romania??? Indonesia???

PS. Dilma is of Bulgarian ancestry. This may explain Romanian antipathy to her.
Indonesia? Probably something related to East Timor.
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
It was shown in Fantástico last Sunday that Dilma intends to visit Bulgaria after she takes on the post (assumir a presidência - tá certa minha tradução?). As far as I know she never visited Bulgaria after coming to Brazil. But we know how essential it is for the Brazilian president to visit such a country; I totally agree she must set this visit as a priority and make this trip as soon as possible - paid by us, of course.
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Tomar posse, assumir a presidência: take office

"When will the new President take office?" [Thefreedictionary]
Quando o novo presidente vai tomar posse?

When Dilma takes office [tomar posse] in January, she will have to decide whether... []

Boa sorte!
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Just to note that Dilma was born in Brazil, and to my knowledge has never been to her father's native country. Is it not the law that a president must be native-born? Or can a naturalized Brazilian run for president?

(Totally as an aside, Bonar Law, a Canadian-born Brit became prime minister of the UK early in the last century. Conrad Black, a Canadian-born entrepreneur -- presently facing a jail term in the US for business malfeasance -- gave up his Cdn citizenship to become Lord Black of Something-or-Other and sit in the British House of Lords. I wish they`d take a few other Canadian-born politicians off our hands...)
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
You're right, Henry, She was born in Brazil - and this shows how I am very well informed about my new president :)
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
@Donay: yes! take office!
thank you
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

A question you could post on the section 'Perguntas e Respostas' em inglês:

Who did you vote for in the presidential election? Why?