Free guide to learn x free guide to learning

Meus caros mentores,

Recebi de Ms Gabby Wallace, via you tube, uma escrita com gerúndio em vez de infinitivo, e não entendi por quê.
Não perguntei diretamente a ela, porque ela não responde facilmente.
Não posso dizer que ela errou, mas acho que isto está contrariando a gramática inglesa.

É o seguinte:
"Click here to get your free guide to learning English online".
Pergunto: não deveria ser to learn, em vez de learning?

Antecipo agradecimentos.


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To be honest, it puzzled me at first, but then I found this one... ... nfinitives


Infinitives are made by adding 'not'.
I decided not to go out tonight.

Both gerunds and infinitives can be used as the subject or the complement of a sentence. However, as subjects or complements, gerunds usually sound more like normal, spoken English, whereas infinitives sound more abstract. In the following sentences, gerunds sound more natural and would be more common in everyday English. Infinitives emphasize the possibility or potential for something and sound more philosophical. As a rule of thumb a gerund is best most of the time. ... nfinitives
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That is, it would refer to:

"Click here to get your free guide to learning English online".
...a real, completed or concrete action. "The guide is to learn English, once and for all, online."

"Click here to get your free guide to learn English online". refer to an unreal, abstract, or future action, that is, "click here to learn English online afterwards."

My thought here, tough. Others may offer some complementary, or even different answer for that, let´s wait for more.
Hey there! this is my first time that I'm commenting or replying over here. So, about this question I strongly agree with the PPAULO's quote.
I dont know exactly say a suitable answer or even a great explanation about it. However I realise if we try to translate into portuguese we could have something roughly " Clique aqui para adquirir(acessar ; maybe?) seu guia de aprendizagem(learning) de inglês online grátis" and " Clique aqui para adquirir o seu guia de aprender inglês online grátis". I know the point is why she has used the gerund instead of infinitive . Well I think the sense in both are supposed to be the same. learning and to learn remind me of listening and to listen. The first might be a verb ING form or even a noun and the second is related to a verb.
I hope this may help you in some.

Sorry comrades for my bad english I'm still getting the hang of this language though.
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Don´t sweat it, SDR, we all are trying to get the hang of it! thanks for sharing your opinion.
Dont mention it sir, thanks for your answer and yeah, indeed we do. I think many of questions which come up when we are reading some books, newsletter, blogs, you name it. it's of utmost importance we look for a cool answer for enhancing our knowledge or vocabulary as well.
ps: It appeals to me the way that you write your sentences. When I grow up I would want to be like you. :D
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Agreed, sometimes we get lessons when and where we least expect or even don´t expect at all! when we are out to learn something. ;)

As for my English skills, thanks for your cumpliment, but there´s a long way to go (for me). I in my turn, wanna be like several guys from the Forum when I grow up! ;) Believe me, this site has plenty of great assets, buddies, from whom I have been learning a lot. So, the merit goes to the teamwork. :D