Indefinite articles a/an

While studying the articles, specifically the exceptions related to the letter "U" I noticed something, and I want to know if it is or can be a rule.
The words: university / unicorn / uniform. They follow the pattern "un". So, I was wondering if I can think of it as a rule for the words starting "u" with "iu" sound connected to the letter "n" also.

What do you know about it?

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Hello, the rule is the following

- before consonant sounds use A
- before vowel sounds use AN

Obviously, most consonants sound as consonants and most vowels sound as vowels. However, all rules have exceptions.
The letter 'u' as in 'university' sounds like a 'y' (iu in portuguese) therefore it has a consonant sound. See the examples I have selected for you.

- a university
- a used car
- a U.S. Ship
(iu - portuguese sound) - It's not because the 'un' as you can see in USED CAR we use A too.

More exceptions

- AN S.O.S. (és - Portuguese sound) letter 's' sounds like there is a vowel at the beginning 'ess'.
- AN mp3 player
- AN F15 jet
- A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
- A one-legged man
- A year
- A young man

Got it?

See you!
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