Inglês dos Games: falado e escrito

Pessoal, eu tenho 13 anos. E jogo um jogo basicamente internacional (A LÍNGUA MAIS USADA É O INGLÊS) Porém quando tudo mundo escreve ou digita, eu entendo 100% perfeitamente.

O PROBLEMA é quando lançam vídeos internacionais em INGLÊS, ele fala com a voz em INGLÊS e eu não entendo absolutamente nada... AJUDA
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I would recommend you an occasional conversational class, or some arragement like this. There are tutors (teachers) that deal with the student needs. Plus, he/she would make corrections of some problems that happens to speaker of Portuguese.
It helps even with problabe ambiguities and terms/situations which are of regional use, or that are of knowledge of those in the know.
To watch TV series etc, can be of help, but some English classes would do wonders to your English/listening.
Let´s wait for further comments and ideas, though.
The best way to improve your listening is start taking conversational classes. But, if it's not from your interest start classes right now, as you're are able to understand written English you should start watching movies or series with subtitles IN English, and also start searching for the lyrics of songs that you like.
I know that the language used in games is sometimes different and often much informal, so you can try youtube videos in English to, some of them have got subtitles, but even the ones that haven't got subtitles will improve your listening after sometime. Try to watch the same videos until you can get each sentence said.