Interview Translations (native level)

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Hi people, how doing?
Hope everything is fine with you.
I created this post to ask a hand from fellow learners with good listening skills.
One of my favorite past times was always getting a random show/interview and publishing its translation for people asking for it, all while trying to improve some translation/listening skills.
The problem is when you come across with expressions nearly impossible to catch by ear.
This is the last series I'm trying to translate.
Anyone out there to help me out, even if it's only with a phrase or two?
Here are the phrases I'm having problem with.
Thank you in advance!

It's sort of....

..... so we cannot look into your direction....

Hey guys. So obviously the trailer just dropped. And we will ask you.... what's going on, so for people who might not be familiar with the book series, can you describe what's going on and say.........

Exactly, you want......



Of course, this man here is a genuine (Marine?), He is the real thing, the real New Zealander

The technology is in place to make this work now and that's the extraordinary thing and suddenly you will see Fantasy and Fantasy (???) which it was really sort of just an area of science fiction and fantasy, a minor branch of the book trade

Also that fantasy has became famous for being (???) that can push bounderies

And I've certainly always made a point throughout much else of the (???) to prove my strenght

It is a physical transformation in many different ways but also that you guys were also rocking elf ears all the time, are those things itchy? And how do you keep yourself looking fresh and "on (????)" as the kids say with the elf ears on

I (?????) them, accepting the Elf ears without flinching

And let me ???? the point I'm trying to make my whole year is, from dwarf to elf king, (all land of blue meet your hard time???)

You can have to come.... like you can have a cameo in the show or something?

I'm trying to fit him in the (Low court???), maybe...

My mother wouldn't even allowed those (???) with no morals

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