Khan Academy

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Para quem já tem um nível razoável de inglês, e gosta de assuntos tais como matemática, ciência, business, economia, etc., um site interessantíssimo com mais de mil lições.


Nesta aula, a professora Camila Oliveira ensina vários macetes para você nunca mais se confundir na hora de dizer as horas em inglês. ACESSAR AULA
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Very interesting Henry! I've just saw three Probability classes and I really liked them.

Thanks for sharing.
I don't know if you people are aware, but I've become addicted to the TED ( talks. Bellow you can find one where Salman Khan, the creator of Khan Academy, speaks about why he started doing these videos (among other things).

Just like most of the talks given at TED, this one is just as amazing. Very worth watching!! :)
You can find the original video (as well as its subtitles) here: ... ation.html

Hope it helps! ;)