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Hello everybody!

I'd like your help about learning english!
Now, I'm not working, just studying at night, so I have the whole day to study english! But the problem is "how!!!" ?
I'm taking a course at CCAA, and I am at level 5. But I've always studied at home by myself.
I always talk to people by skype, but this help me only to improve the vocabulary that I already know!
Do you have some tip for me to manage my time, and help me to learn more vocabulary? Because I really think this is the worst part of learning languages!
Thank you everybody!

And sorry if I did some mistakes! :? No one is perfect! :D
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You did just the right thing. You've naturally exposed your point. Yes, we all make mistakes, but thank God we keep returning to correct them.

As for vocabulary, we all learn a little of it everyday. Don't expect to learn all of it in a single month.

Other forum members may offer you words of praise. And help.

Keep up the good work!
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