Música: "Avalanche! Oh, Avalanche!"

I don't know what does "swift" (fifth verse) mean in the music, and I can't translate the sentence "just to remind them to be fearful" (ninth verse). Please, help me!

Oh, avalanche!
You are the number one
natural disaster of Switzerland.

The swift put up their ears to keep you out
and build covered roadways to save themselves
but it's no use; you always kill
at least a few skiers a year,
just to remind them to be fearful.
At least a few skiers a year.
A few innocent lives a year.

Oh, avalanche!"
(Avalanche! Oh, Avalanche! by Gregory and the Hawk)
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Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 49140 21 73 1140

''...just to remind them to be fearful.''
''... só para lembrá-los de serem temerosos.''
Avatar do usuário Telma Regina 22735 9 58 570
"The swift put up their ears to keep you out", doesn't make sense!
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