Now, this is truly "serendipitous"!

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Regrowing Hair: Researchers May Have Accidentally Discovered a Solution

"Now, a team led by researchers from UCLA and the Veterans Administration that was investigating how stress affects gastrointestinal function may have found a chemical compound that induces hair growth by blocking a stress-related hormone associated with hair loss -- entirely by accident.

The serendipitous discovery is described in an article published in the online journal PLoS ONE.

"Our findings show that a short-duration treatment with this compound causes an astounding long-term hair regrowth in chronically stressed mutant mice," said Million Mulugeta, an adjunct professor of medicine in the division of digestive diseases at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and a corresponding author of the research. "This could open new venues to treat hair loss in humans through the modulation of the stress hormone receptors, particularly hair loss related to chronic stress and aging."

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I'm not a chronically-stressed mutant human (as far as I can tell), but the hair is this is indeed good news.
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At 58 I second that notion.