O que é dito neste video?

wesleyspeed 10
[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f36Agrn ... detailpage[/youtube]

Gostaria de saber o que é dito de 0:14 a 0:19 de 0:46 a 0:53 e de 1:35 a 1:45

De 0:14 a 0:19- this is some sort of...we're gonna end up naked in a river in somewhere on a too range for a ride home.
De 0:46 a 0:53 - it feels like one those mattress when you can bounce and...glass of wine...gus go find a glass of wine and a bowling
De 1:35 a 1:45 - excuse me, what? what exactly to be in ...contest?...but my arms are ...
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dlr 85
What does this mean? I've no idea but I see it on Numbers all the time and it seems to work for them.

If this is some sort of hazing ritual and we're gonna end up naked in a river somewhere, I'll need to arrange for a ride home.

What is RRLRLL? .... Of course, rrlrll. Rrlrll.

Get out of here! You know I have the same tattoo? They spelled "bloodthirsty" wrong on mine. Can you believe it? I cannot believe you didn't test that out.

It feels like one of those mattresses where you can bounce a bowling ball but the glass of wine doesn't spill.. Gus, go find a glass of wine and a bowling ball.

Judgement Day? It sounds bad... that's like, the day that you're judged.

No not that.. What? The way that he's sitting there is so.. quiet. I mean in high school he was always so loud and needed attention constantly and needed to be noticed and he just would not shut up he was so annoying, it drove me nuts. But now, I mean look at him. He's so calm, so unobtrusive in the way he let you just step in and take over like that. I think he's really matured.

Excuse me.. What? When exactly did we have a reaching contest? My reach has always been better! But my arms are slendererer... slendererer? What? Slenderererer? Skinnier? Yes!

If you're a guy with an apartment, what's the one thing you DEFINITELY don't have? I don't know, a horse? A HORSE, that's true!

I just got a lap dance with Patrick Swayze! What do you mean.. like an impersonator? No I think it was actually Patrick Swayze! I'm going home...

wesleyspeed 10
Tem algumas partes bem dificeis que eu achei como "but the glass of wine doesn't spill." esse spill eu tinha entendido spoken além da parte " When exactly did we have a reaching contest? " mesmo olhando a frase parece que ele fala -what exactly to be in a reaching contest?

Valeu pela tradução!