O que significa em inglês dizer que uma pessoa "is sailing''?

Marcelo Delfrate
O que significa qdo dizemos que uma pessoa "is sailing"? Mas não tem nada a ver com velejar, barco, mar, etc.
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Is there any context to go by?

Sailing could be someone attending several garage sales in succession. "In pursuit of others junk, that may or may not be cool' per Urban Dictionary definition. There are other meanings with sexual innuendos.

And there are some idioms on idioms-The Free Dictionary. 'The likes of' : sailing against the wind, clear sailing, etc.
PPAULO 6 46 1094
Good morning, Marcelo. Have a nice day.

One more interpretation to table: that of "illegaly downloading content" (internet piracy). Urban Dictionary offer the following sentence:
I'm sailing the internet looking for movies.

I would think in terms of "browsing the internet" but I concede that it has a ring of "looking for movies to download illegaly", it seems.

I hope this helps, and I thank the members that have 'nudged me', have given me a shout. Sometimes things go unnotice (under the radar) and some guys send a "hey" or "whoa" note, here or elsewhere. This was one of them.
Sometimes ago I had that habit of meaning "though" but every time I would write "tough", funny huh? :-)
Yes, but in such repetitive way and in places that would puzzle the reader. After a head up by a friend, I got it right, tough sometimes I make that mistake! ;-)
Thank you all.
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