O que significa Namby-pamby?

No tradutor diz que significa 'dengoso', 'levemente sentimental'.

Essa palavra namby-pamby é usada pra isso normalmente? Eles utilizam bastante?
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Unstoppable Australian powerhouse AC/DC closed out Coachella by kicking the asses of 90,000 hipsters, rubbing their naysayer faces in the rock and roll sh*t and showing the youngsters that this is how it’s done.
But the gist of this is that rock and roll needs to have a back-up plan that involves some fresh blood coming onto the scene. This rock and roll deforestation is even more obvious when you look at the Billboard Top 100 and realize it’s a dark ages parade of namby- pamby half-assed musical dreck.
There’s nothing worse than songs invoking rock and roll or rockers in general that end up sounding like Eurovision contest winners wrote them. There is nothing Mick Jagger about that song except the title, and lo and behold, it took four people to write it.

In order to keep rock and roll afloat (and this will probably fall on deaf ears), I propose gradations of musical education in the same way driving schools do. Here are the rules.
Rule No. 1: Anyone in a band needs to learn to play an instrument no matter how deficient they might be; it doesn’t matter.
Rule No. 2: No using Garageband for Mac, no Guitar Hero wannabes, and no drum pad breakdown bullshit. Yeah, yeah, I can hear the whining already. “But isn’t technology supposed to even the playing field and let everyone have a shot at making music?” The short answer is – yes.
But screw that answer, because one thing that technology does is create an endless loop of sound-alike assholes who are all using the EXACT same programs to get the exact same sounds and the next thing you know EVERYTHING sounds like everything else. No one needs that.

From Billboard (I must say that Billboard uses this expression a lot.)

Namby-pamby would mean "half-assed", without creativity, insipid, wish-washy (água-com-açúcar/sem sal...etc.)