Phrasal verbs - Quando usar ou não?

zetabyte00 20
Podemos escrever qualquer texto, sem precisar usar Phrasal verbs?

Quando usá-los?

Por exemplo, tem o verb "open" e o phrasal verb "open up". Em um texto sobre computação, especificamente sobre programação, havia uma parte do texto, onde quando dizia para abrir um programa, o mesmo, utilizada o phrasal verb "open up".

Para dizer que vou abrir um programa eu posso usar tanto "open" quando "open up"?

Espero que consigam entender minha dúvida.
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PPAULO 47175 6 39 833
I don´t recommend "open up" to mean loading a program.

To my thinking "open up" would suggest something that can be ajar, half-open or that can be opened gradually.
The flower opened up in the sun.
They opened up their shops.
It was too early to open the shops up.

A program wouldn´t load in such way, we know that there´s a "buffering time" before it loads, but it completely loads (to our human eyes/senses).

Then there are the "opening up" of fire meaning, and the "opening up" (about becoming confident, sharing emotions - including to others etc).

You could use "load/start a program/run a program (start or use a program here)/restart a program (that crashed, for instance) etc.

PPAULO 47175 6 39 833
Ah, and there is the case when you invoke a program from another program.
So, if it indirectly "starts/loads/launches (loads)" another program, we can say it would "calls another program".

zetabyte00 20
Foi um artigo da Microsoft. Eles usaram esse termo.

PPAULO 47175 6 39 833
Not always computing and good English go hand in hand. But if they used, it´s a sign that (with that computing audience) one could make use of the phrasal. I am fine with it, then. I am not the nitpicking sort of guy.

I just had to offer my point of view, though. And if I had read this in some writing, even in computing I would get myself a bit puzzled at first, then I would get used to it. I would think, well it´s computing...but then I don´t expect such in magazines like Wired or BBC, for instance. But, again, in other places with (computer audience), I would figure it out.

zetabyte00 20
Thank you so much for your help bro!

PPAULO 47175 6 39 833
Count on me, count on us. I am glad that it somehow helped. ;-)

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