Posso dizer "light and dark" para todas as cores?

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Posso dizer "light and dark" para todas as cores? Como light/dark yellow, pink, orange, purple, red e outras cores básicas? Ou soa estranho?
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Let´s go by parts.
In general ways, most of the time I would say you can. Except, for example, to black.
But then, the caveats (before you can say "what´s the catch!" - it was to good to be true, something without exceptions to the rule...).
Dark white is a contradiction in terms, light white can be used. I think most of the time in layperson/day-to-day chatting you could wedge a dark/light thingun in the chatting.

But then comes the color pallete/the color schemes, if you are an artist or are going to be into painting, so sometimes you could be using "dark red" instead of "wine" where you shouldn´t be.
https://digitalsynopsis.com/design/colo ... of-shades/

It´s good that you have mentioned the basic colors, because someone seeing a bird with their wings in "teal" would be so amazed that wouldn´t express himself with "dark teal" (just for illustration´s sake, there is not such a thing as dark teal, ha ha).

Svetlova 65 1