Pronuncia de: Mango e Mangle

Me ajude a saber a diferença entre a
Pronuncia de Mango e Mangle.

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You may be talking about pronounce perhaps.
There is a difference hear here: ... tish/mango ˈmæŋɡəʊ ... h/mangle_1 ˈmæŋɡ(ə)

The first is close to "mangol" (in Portuguese, "gol" como o gol de futebol) the second closer to "mãe-gol" (said in a quick way). But, you can see it from the listening, the link I provided. It´s a better way to learn.

On the topic of "the word in action", I would say that "mangle" would be rarer in a sentence than "mangled"

You would deduce from the context, because the meaning of "mangle" is that of "destroy/mutilate" etc. So, from a given context the probability of one being used in such a way to be mistaken for the other.
Example: "The guy with the mangled arm and shoulder had a gun."
After having something listening experience you will know that a guy can´t have an arm in the shape of a mango! Let alone hold a gun with it...
I mean with time your ear get used to the sound and the structure as well, sort of.
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A diferença está no famoso som de "gou" e "gol". E é quase impossível de se perceber. Obrigado por responder.
E até agora não sei como que eles conseguem diferenciar o som de "gou" e "gol" de mango e mangle... Depois de minutos eu percebi a diferença.