Qual a diferença entre spike e peak?

Sei que ambos significam "pico", mas quando é preferível usar um ou outro?

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In general, ''peak" is used more in the sense of "pico, topo, ponta", that doesn´t mean that it sometimes can´t be used in the meaning of "níveis históricos" (Dollar rise, for example...or a activity peaks of some kind of pandemic virus etc.)

Spike suggests "um pico de..." (prices, activity, current, etc) that is a "burst" of sorts happening.
It can also suggest some kind of "ponta" (a spiked gate/fence)

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And sometimes they mean one and the same thing.

To get used to both word senses, look up the words in a good dictionary, Linguee, word sentence sites, etc.
Can I use the expression "peak times" to express "horários de pico"/"horário de rush"?
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Hi, Jana!

You can use : rush hour.

Follow this link

http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/pt/tr ... io-de-pico

See you !
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You can depending on what you mean. Technicaly rush hour has to do the regular time in wich we will be in the heavy traffic, leaving or going to home (to work or to study etc).

It is also a peak time. But with "peak time" we can refer to other areas of our life (in other fields).
Department of Public Enterprises Director-General Portia Molefe recently announced at a parliamentary briefing the proposal to divide South Africa into two time zones to stagger peak times of electricity consumption.

You wouldn´t say "rush hour" in this case, is not the usual way.

In other words, a "rush hour" is a peak time, but not always "peak times" are rush hours.