Regras de pronomes pessoais

I am a good person and "I" am funny too.
Nesse caso, eu preciso usar novamente o pronome "I" ou posso apenas passar para "am"?

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You don´t have to, if you don´t want. Anyway, if you do we are not going to sue you over that.
I think you would be understood with the second option, but it sounds a bit off.

"I am a good person and am funny too." is a perfectly natural expression. I mean, this structure is rather used in English, at least the British English (I have seen that on The Guardian). It seems like it´s used

More sentences like that:
-I am good looking and good to be with and am funny.
-I am a writer and am funny too.
-I love to have fun and I feel I have a good sense of humor and am funny.
-I dont think I´m the girl Justin would be looking for, im normal but weird in a way and am funny but at times not really.