Scary Story!?

Hi everybody....
I just dont know why I like this short story. Maybe it's because I'm a nursing student. Okay, here I go...

A nurse was instructed not to use the elevator after 10 pm, but still she did. She's alone inside when the elevator opened on the 2nd floor. A patient asked: -Going up?
The nurse said yes.
So the patient went in.
As the door was about to close, the nurse saw a boy who was about to ride. The nurse imediately press the close button.
The patient ask the nurse: 'Why not let in the boy??'
She answered: Don't mind him... he's dead...
And the patient: - How did you know?
She said: -He has a red band on his wrist, the same with the dead in the morgue...
The patient held out one hand and said "like this?"

I'm not sure what happened to the nurse I guess she fainted. :D

Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12280 1 21 206
She might've asked him, "What're you doing out of the morgue, you rascal?!" LOL!
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:D lmao.