Significado de “back breaking time”

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Eu estava conversando com um gringo(informalmente) e após algumas brincadeiras ele me mandou a mensagem: “ok back breaking time haha”. O que deveria significar? Obrigada a quem puder me explicar!
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Gringo querer dizer: "Blz, a hora/momento difícil, haha"
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Basically he might have meant he 'gave you a hard time' (te fez passar por maus bocados/te 'dei trabalho'/te meti em apuros/dificultei as coisas pra ti/'não facileitei as coisas/'não facilitei' tua vida, etc). It can be metaphorically as well, rather than in literal way: say, if I handed you a difficult cryptogram it may be a back-breaking time for you - you will have a hard time solving it.

That is a back-breaking time that can be difficult physically or a mind-numbing thing as well.

The imagery in the fictional work (novel) Lullaby by Ed McBain:
...Make it the kind of time you carry a two-hundred-pound boulder from point A to point B and then back to point B again, over and over again, all day long...

That's the kind of difficult work, hardship, that such a task is. The very weight is back-breaking physically, but you might think of a weight in terms of a heavy burden in your mind.

In other words, he could declare "I got you! " but it wouldn't emphasize well the fact that he might have left you 'struggling' (to understand something) or 'puzzled by something'. But the statement was in jest, certainly teasing you.

Other context, if you have let him know you are working (mainly if your work is a bit demanding, a bit on the hard work side) he could be stating "no trampo hein? Kkk" or (rá rá rá)/ralando hein? Trabalhando hein?, etc etc.
That is, it means that he thought he was sending the message problably during your work hours (home office or otherwise).