Significado de "Bored To Death"

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Qual é o melhor significado para a expressão Bored To Death que é título da música de mesmo nome da banda blink-182

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É bem simples. Significa "morto de tédio".
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Bored to death - Means "when someone is has absolutely nothing to do. He feels like he is going to die of boredom because of how bored they are."
(Urban Dictionary - with some tinkering of mine.) Very or completely bored.

At the age of the singers, and coming from a young band, my educated guess is that what was meant was "searching boredom" (a boredom that is a search for action) Expressed by the opinion that the girl was "wasting her breath'' and "life is short" etc. He wants some action.
The kind when a young is at some club and then he says "aqui tá chato, vamos pra outro lugar."

Types of boredom. ... s-science/