Significado de "Room for a date"

Eu estava conversando com um amigo e de repente ele me disse isso. Nunca tinha ouvido/visto essa expressão anteriormente. Alguém tem alguma ideia do que significa?
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Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 49765 21 80 1150
Sem mais contexto, as possibilidades são muitas, mas não há como afirmar qual é exatamente.

Local para um encontro.
Quarto para um encontro.
Espaço para um encontro.
Sala para um encontro.
Espaço para uma data.
Local para uma data.

, etc.

Com mais contexto, podemos tentar ajudar.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39725 6 32 695
There´s also an off chance that he meant a chat room. Sometimes in haste the natives abbreviate an entire expression by using one word. That would be the case.

Example of room, used by chat-goers:
At 17 I met a guy in a chat room for a date and he was great. We hit it off immediately in real life.

The above sentence, said in informal/colloquial way, could well be mentioned like this: "it was a great room for a date.", for instance.
Obviously, the other person would know that it was about the subject of chatting online, in said rooms.

Again, as it was mentioned before, without context we are just in the guesswork realm here, the whole thing gets pregnant with possibilities...
Avatar do usuário Thomas 14310 7 58 283
This is not an expression I would choose. I would understand it to mean "Do you have time available/free on your agenda for XXXXX?"
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39725 6 32 695
I concur, it could be that one too, for a date (I think) or for XXXXXXX, he hee.
Ah, interesting...Thomas, I saw that a date could also be a clandestine meeting (rendezvous, secret meeting). So I learned one more from you.
English never ceases to surprise me! Ha ha.