Some interesting phrases (5)

Pardon: (1) used to ask sb to repeat sth because you did not hear it or did not understand it.
Examples: "You're very quiet today". "Pardon ?" "I said you're very quiet today".

Pardon: (2) sb (for sth/ for doing sth) to forgive sb for sth they have said or done (used in many expressions when you want to be polite) SYN: Excuse
Examples: Pardon my ignorance, but what is a 'duplex' ?
Pardon me for interrupting you.
Pardon my asking, but is that your husband ?

Barren (1) (of land or soil): not good enough for plants to grow on it.
Barren (2) (of plants or trees): not producting fruit or seeds (SYN): infertile.

Related with the soil there another word:
Scatter(disperse): to throw or drop things in different directions so that they cover an area of ground.

Halt (remember the army. Look at the example) : to stop; to make sb/sth stop.
Example: "Halt !" the major ordered.
She walked toward him and then halted.

Now and then: de vez em quando ( so short but very important)

Now we'll talk about wedding:
Bride: a woman on her wedding day or just before and after the event.
Groom: the opposite (noivo)

Words to describe something incredible and amazing:
Subtle: (especially of change or distinction) so delicated or precise as to be difficult analyses or describe.
Flawless (perfect): without any imperfections or defects.

And the weirdest word I've ever met:
tsk tsk: expressing disapproval or annoyance.
Example: "Oh , hell, look at your eyes!" She tsked in reproach.

PS.: I caught the words ( and the meanings) in the site: ... ?cc=global.
And the last phrase in the Breaking dawn book.
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