Some interesting phrases (6)

Yesterday I didn't find many expressions. Sorry folks.

Some kinds of flowers:
-Lilac (1) (Syringa): a bush or small tree with purple or white flowers with a sweet that grow closely together in the shape of a cone.
-Lilac (2): a pale purple colour.
-Freezia ( so many colours): a plant with yellow, pink, white or purple flowers with a sweet smell.

"Deep breaths": respire fundo. (like I understood) ( The quotation marks represent a talk).

Groggy (grogue): dazed, weak, or unsteady, especially from illness, intoxication, sleep or a blow.

Filmy (used with fabrics): thin and almost transparent.
Example: a filmy cotton blouse.

And looked with the portuguese:
Paraphernalia (parafernália): a large number of objects or personal possessions, especially the equipment that you need for a particular activity.
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