The word "Ford"

Michael A. Jacobs, the writer of "Como não aprender Inglês", told me to look for this word in the dictionary. That's what I found!

Apple Dictionary
Ford: a shallow place in a river or stream allowing one to walk or drive across.

Oxford Escolar
Ford: Vadear

I want to know if the word "ford" is usual on English and if the mean "vadear" is right.

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Please, take a look at this:
"The pioneers chose the safest and shallowest place to ford the river."

I understood the word "ford", but i found the mean "vadear" for it. Is that right?

Translating the word "vadear" on Babel Fish, I found the verb "to wade" that has the same mean of ford but it's a way more difficult to cross. "Nicola waded in and grabbed the baby."
That's correct!

(To) wade = vadear = atravessar a vau de um rio.

Não confundir com vadiar = andar a toa.
It was just MY Portuguese. I didn't know this word vadEar. haha
Next time I will look at the Portuguese dictionary first.

Thanks Lucas.
Don´t worry my friend.

This happens all the time (to everyone)! = You´re neither the first and therefore nor the last one.

Good luck!
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To ford is to cross a river at a shallow point. The crossing is not limited to people. It can include (and often does) horses, wagons, military vehicles, etc.

To wade is to walk in (not on!) shallow water, usually in the ocean or a lake. You can wade across a stream, but to wade does not mean to cross as is the case of to ford.