There is x There exist

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Eu queria saber se existe diferença entre "there is " e "there exist".


Marcio Reis
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Hello Márcio,How´s it hanging?

Confesso que vi "there exists" com menos frequência do que "there is"

Prefira usar sempre "there is"(singular),"there are"(plural).

a)There´s a slang word in the text.(Tem uma gíria no texto.)
b)There are lots of nice people in my hometown.(Tem muita gente legal na minha cidade natal.)

God be with you=Goodbye
Avatar do usuário Marcio Alexandre 120 5

For example in the sentence

There is a car park at the library with designated disabled
parking spaces.

it is correct write

There exists a car park at the library with designated disabled
parking spaces.

Your sentence starting "There exists ..." is grammatically correct, and it has the same meaning as the sentence starting "There is ...". However, "There exists ..." is not typically used in casual, informal speech. We associate using "there exists" with the presentation of logical proofs, as in mathematics papers.

If someone asked you "Where can I find a disabled parking space?", and you answered using the sentence starting with "There exists ...", you would sound strange; the sentence that starts with "There is .." would be normal.

Best Regards!

Marcio Reis
"Exist" IS used to indicate physical location in architectural, legal, or other technical writing. Ex. This old building exists in the location where we plan to build the new shopping center.