Tradução de "Bump"

O que significa bump nesse contexto e também essas outros palavras em negrito

Do you remember from last week's show that consonants often have voiced and unvoiced pairs? The d sound and t sound is another pair. Before we talk about how to correctly create the English version of these sounds, I want you to play with the inside of your mouth with your tongue. Don't feel silly, nobody can actually see you doing this. Notice that right behind your upper teeth, you have a hard, bony, bump. That bump was necessary for creating the friction of our th sounds last week. Then that bump rises and there is a slope up to the roof of your mouth, which is also hard and bumpy. Then, if you place the tip of your tongue all the way to the back of your mouth, you feel some soft tissue. We will keep coming back to these three places at the top of your mouth. I will call them the tooth ridge, that's that bump at the front, the roof of the mouth, that's the hard bony part in the middle, and the soft palate, that's the soft part at the back of your mouth.
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Bumps, as per bucal anatomy (if I understood it well) has to do the upper part of the oral cavity.
Bumps would be bone convexities and depressions would be bone concavities; hence, the bump he cites is the bone of "céu da boca" (the roof of the mouth) - the hard bone it refers to.

A ridge would be a kind of bump, a linear, narrow, elevated portion of the bone (or tooth, but we are talking about bones now.) ... MP&f=false ... age002.jpg
(see the ridge he was referring to, the tip of the tongue hits there when you say words with a T-sound, in Portuguese. Example: estou - when you begin the second syllable)

I think the rest got easy now...or at least easier than before.
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The "socket" where the teeth are placed, it´s the bone not the tissues of the mouth in front of the teeth, but the part in wich they are. That ridge contains and ends in the gums (wich is the end of that ridge). ... ons-2A.jpg ... iagram.jpg ... ething.jpg
A teeth ridge waiting for teeth.