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“Does Mrs. Todd know what particular passage in the newspaper affected her in that way?” I inquired.
“No,” replied Miss Halcombe. “She had looked it over, and had seen nothing in it to agitate any one. I asked leave, however, to look it over in my turn, and at the very first page I opened I found that the editor had enriched his small stock of news by drawing upon our family affairs, and had published my sister’s married engagement, among his other announcements, copied from the London papers, of Marriages in High Life.

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to ask leave to do something = pedir permissão para fazer algo

Ver aqui: http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/with ... leave.html

"To 'ask leave' of someone wasn't to request to depart their presence but to ask permission of them to do something and, as it would only be asked of someone who had the power to grant or bar such permission, it was often expressed as 'by your leave, sire'. That may be the association that has caused another misstated version of it, as 'by your liege'.

'Leave' has been used with the meaning of permission since at least the 9th century. It was still commonplace in Shakespeare's day and he used it numerous times in his plays, for example, in The Merchant of Venice, 1596:"
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