Tradução de "knuckle butty"

Hi, friends!

I´ve tried to find the meaning of "knuckle butty" but I have found nothing specifically about.

This is the sentence I read from a brit girl with these two words:

" My boy is so cute.. He knows I'm scared shitless of bee's & 1 flys past! He turns round n says... "It's ok Mummy, if it comes again I'll give it a knuckle butty".

I presume it´s something regarding a punch or hit.

Could you please, friends, help me to get exactly the translation to these words together?

Ps.: I do love this website !

Take care,

Maria Salvador

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You guessed it right.
Butty is a sandwich, but in this case the guy is using a figure of speech of sorts, the imagery is something like this:
https://johnburdondotcom.files.wordpres ... .jpg?w=192

Knuckles can also be associated with punches/hits/fights. ... -black.jpg
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