Less a... than a - Tradução em português

I'm having doubts in how this sentence could be translated in portuguese:

"... as if this were less a party than a planning conference"

I understand the meaning in English, but can't bring it in words in portuguese.

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
...como se isto fosse menos uma festa do que uma conferência regional.
OR conversely - como se fosse mais uma conferência (encontro) regional do que uma festa.

In a more wide context:
Even more unusual was the self-conscious formality of their dress. At none of the parties in the high-rise had Laing seen anyone dressed in anything other than casual wear, yet here the men wore dinner-jackets and black ties, the women floor-length evening dresses. They carried themselves in a purposeful way, as if this were less a party than a planning conference.

Isto é, eles se portavam/se conduziam de uma maneira intencional, como se fosse mais uma convenção regional do que uma festa. ou ainda melhor como se fosse mais uma convenção regional, e não uma festa.

I hope it clarifies your doubt.
Thanks! That's the exactly book I'm reading. I was sure of the meaning but when I translated with the beginning "menos" I became so confused because I wasn't used to starting a sentence like this and didn't even think on starting on the other way as you wrote it.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Who said English can´t be tricky sometimes? he hee. ;) With time you get used to such "catches", don´t sweat it! :P
Redseahorse 2 28 380
O substantivo PARTY tem entre os vários significados, o de REUNIÃO SOCIAL. No extrato, parece ter sido utilizado o COMPARATIVO DE SUBSTANTIVO com esta definição e, que de fato está bem complicado encaixar uma tradução coerente para o Português; Penso que isto teria em Português significado similar a: Como se um ato de sonegação fosse menos corrupção do que uma manipulação descarada de resultados.

O artigo indefinido aparece por tratar-se de substantivos


" Como se isto fosse menos (uma reunião/um encontro) do que uma conferência planejada "
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
I concur. The "party" translation comes from the reading from the immediatelly preceding passage, perhaps in the same page. This one:
Fifty feet away to Laing's left a cocktail party was in progress...
Two buffet tables covered with white cloths had been laid with trays of canapes and glasses, and a waiter was serving drinks behind a portable bar. Some thirty guests in evening dress stood about talking in small groups. For a few minutes Laing ignored them, absent-mindedly tapping his rackets case on the parapet, but something about the hard, over-animated chatter made him turn.

As for the second "word" - yes, "conferência planejada" would be an apt description. As would certainly be "uma reunião/um encontro/uma reunião social formal".