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Q&A: Rio+20 Earth summit
Who are the key players, what are the main sticking points, and what does the conference hope to achieve?

What are the main drawbacks and sticking points?
As at the climate talks in Copenhagen and Durban, and the earlier Rio conference, there are considerable divisions - particularly between developed and developing countries - about burden sharing and whether to emphasise environmental protection or poverty alleviation. Climate change and renewable energy - although identified as crucial concerns - are relegated to a relative minor position. Delegates also disagree on the extent to which environmental reporting and progress towards commitments should be checked.
As a result, preparations have been agonisingly slow. Compromise remains possible, but the risk is that it will come at the expense of delayed commitments and open-ended, unenforceable promises that dilute the outcome into meaninglessness.

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Pontos de discordância, impasses, detalhes em que não há acordo, etc.

Sticking point: something that people cannot agree on and that stops them from continuing with a discussion. - Macmillan