The dark ones - Tradução em português

He saw a light in front of him, and then fire jumped loudly in the dark. Kino began to run; it was his house, he knew. And he knew that these wooden houses could burn down quickly. As he ran, someone ran toward him - Joana, with Coyotito in her arms. The baby cried, and Juana's eyes were wide and afraid. Kino could see the house was gone.
"Who?" Kino asked.
"I do not know," she said. "The dark ones."

No trecho acima, o que a mulher quis dizer com The dark ones? Isso é uma forma genérica de se referir a "pessoas ruins"? Ou ela faz referência a pessoas que os atacaram de madrugada (no escuro) em episódios passados, ocorridos nessa história? Fiquei surpreso porque não vi nada que pudesse relacionar a cena com a mulher dizendo "(Foram) Os caras negros".

John Steinbeck. The Pearl. Penguin Active Reading. Level 3. Pearson Education, 2007, p. 52.

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No. I don´t think so.
In fact, the book use some symbolism to it, it doesn´t put it plainly into words but it´s apparent by the wording, the lingo it uses.

So, in the beggining Kino is an average guy, nature is depicted in colourful or white collors.
Then he finds the Pearl of the World, then hell breaks loose. His life takes a turn to worse, there´s an evil music that is brought by the Pearl, first the neighbours play such music, then the prospective buyers get greedy.
On chapter five, Kino already has realized (caiu a ficha) that the "dark" the evil brought by the Pearl is into play.
The dark ones - at he asnwered her at that moment, could be understood as "the enemies" (touched by the dark spell of the Pearl).
He knows, slowly realizes that the obscure forces of nature (now against him) are doing that to him. There are several twists to the story but at the end, but at the end he quits his own greed and throws the Pearl into the gulf - that happens on Chapter six...oops, spoiler!