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The GP Ann Robinson expressed interest in how confirmation of this association would affect the rollout of the HPV vaccine, which is currently restricted in the UK. "My main priority with diagnosing a patient with oral cancer is to get them referred as early intervention can be so crucial. Asking for a detailed sexual history would be inappropriate at that stage.

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Henry Cunha 3 18 183
When a GP (médico de clínica geral) "refers someone", this is the process of setting up for that patient to be seen by a specialist. In this case, she is saying that the diagnosis of oral cancer would be done by some cancer specialist, to whom she is referring the patient.

Generally in North America, and I guess Britain as well, you cannot go directly to a specialist. You need a referral from a general practitioner. The reason is obvious: there are many medical specialties, and a GP (not the patient or his best friend) is best able to decide which specialty is most appropriate in each case.