You're looking specially fetching this morning - Tradução em português

What does mean: "you're looking specially fetching this morning" is it offensive?

I saw on Spiderman comic one man saying this sentence to a woman and her face looks angry, she replies with a question: "fetching?"
So.. Is it offensive or indelicate?.. Or maybe this is just based on the context of what i'm reading..

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2 respostas
Bryan Philpott 2 18 111
Fetching = attractive or pleasing. It may be indelicate in this context, though it's not considered offensive in general.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
I would say it´s something almost equivalent to "pegável". So, again, offensive to some and in some contexts. In some neighbourhoods in Rio a girl could state "eu sou cachorra mesmo", that could be good and that could be undesirable, the same would happen with fetchy.
"Novinha" for instance, would be a bit of a worrying thing in most contexts, but even it could be taken lightly; say, one trying to seem slangy and saying that to a girlfriend in jest.
Moral: one has to exercise caution with slang. When in Rome do as Romans do. When not, don´t do it.
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