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Hi everyone, i'm finding some difficulties to put subtitles in this video, can anyone aid me?


Every great friend fighting time has a catch phrase... said the lier or least they should, don't be the way .... don't be ...suspicious ...,
don't be ..., so Shawn and Gus are taking a break for home work ever,..., hamburgers, i've heard it both ways, wow chaka
but they'll be back this October with brand new catch phrases and brand new episodes, not necessary in that order, lalsalalsas you wanna us.
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Every great crime-fighting team has a catchphrase
"Said the liar"
Or at least they should..
"Don't be the way Eriq La Salle spells 'Eriq'"
"Don't be Fine Young Cannibals' cover of Suspicious Minds"
"Don't be both Ashley Simpson albums"
So Shawn and Gus are taking a break to perfect theirs.
"Best homework ever."
"I've heard it both ways."
"Boom Shaka"
But they'll be back this October with brand new catchphrases and brand new episodes.
"Not necessarily in that order."
Pysch: an all new season this October on USA.
Was a grand misconception of my part have written "fighting time" and "lier".
Thank you dlr