Verbos depois de "due to"

Hi folks

These days I was thinking if I can use "due to" this way:

due to being sick, he didn't go to work.


due to be sick, he didn't go to work.

Or this way

he didn't go to work due to being/be sick.

Since now thank you all.

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I took some quick samples from COCA -Corpus of Comtemporary English (it brought 38 hits) and one from the internet:

That being the time I didn't make it home for my own party due to being involved in an unforeseen accident. (source: Fantasy Sci Fi)
Hans did not feel pressure to exercise due to being self-motivated. (Source: Physical Educ.)
Another nonprofit had a talented developer quit due to being underpaid; we have trouble recruiting due to low salary offers. " (source: BioScience)
Jeff Smith - a k a the Frugal Gourmet - having to get a little more frugal now that he's off the screen due to being accused of molesting eight men when they were teenagers. Law and Order's excellent three-part West Coast road trip, mostly for the chance to see Jerry Orbach on a beach. (source: Rolling Stones mag.)

This indicator is defined as the share of the population aged 16 and over reporting unmet needs for medical care due to being too expensive. (from the Internet)

So, I have no qualms about using it with a verb, of course, in the given context. That´s why I pointed out that it wasn´t grammatically incorrect, only (way) less used than other forms.
I also agree with the answers from Marcio and Andrezza too. It worth noticing that this "due to" with "being" is almost a particular case.
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39205 6 32 684
Both can be use, the first would be less natural but not grammatically wrong. Anyway the second sentence would the first to cross the mind of a native English speaker, I think.
"Since now" to thank others isn´t generally a proper form to mean "desde já", it´s preferable and correct the use of "Thanks in advance."

You are welcome!
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
A simple "Because he was sick..." might have worked here.
Avatar do usuário Andrezzatkm 4820 1 8 105
Eu nunca vi o "due to" seguido de um verbo.

Eu aprendi que "due to" tem o mesmo sentido de "caused by"
Avatar do usuário Marcelo Rafael Feli 590 1 11
I agree with Marcio hehe