Video in english II

I could understand something like seventy percent of what the video is saying.I wrote down a little the beginning.I ask for someone who would have the patiance to write down just some part of it if it's not too much.Is just that some words are to close to each other to understand it spoken.

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"Welcome back to ().I'm your host().As the world enters closer to a real live zombi appocalipse.why not practice your survival skills in left 4 dead?The survival pack deal has it and has a high tech new mode called survival.A propriate name if i can say so myself.So play close attention and this one will be a no-brainer.
One of survival is simple:survive.(...)"

ATIVE O ENGLISH PLUS Além de aprender sem anúncios, você terá acesso: aos Cursos do English Experts, a respostas verificadas por especialistas (ilimitado) e ao aplicativo Meu Vocabulário. ATUALIZAR AGORA
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Welcome back to IGN Strategize. I'm your host, Jessice Chobat. As the world inches closer to a real-life zombie apocalypse, why not practice your survival skills in Left 4 Dead? The survival pack DLC has hit, and adds a hectic new mode called 'Survival' - appropriate name if I do say so myself - so pay close attention and this one will be a no-brainer.

The point of survival is simple: survive. Constant waves of zombies will keep attacking you with no end in sight. Survive long enough to earn medals and bragging rights on message boards. You'll probably need a crew of trustworthy friends who have headsets for this, communication is key. By far, the new lighthouse map is the hardest of the bunch. There's a few different strategies you can use, so try them all until you find the one that best fits your play style. Our favorite strategy is to camp out in the large room with the fireplace. Everyone will be close to ammo and gas canisters, so supplies wont be an issue. Have each of your buddies stand in a corner and equip the auto-shotguns. Keeping the normal baddies at bay will be easy enough, but be sure to talk to each other when a tank comes a-knockin'. If you're not all shooting at him you'll be seeing this screen a lot.

Another good spot is the generator room. Equip shotguns again and have two guys jump on the water tanks. The other two can either jump on the dumpster or get on the shelves. Higher ground means you can light the floor up like it's the 4th of July. When the tank comes try to take him outside. This may be a little risky, so don't venture too far. If you want to start high on the roof, just remember to keep moving. Stockpile fuel cans at the top and toss them down at the horde. Be warned: staying up here too long is a great way to ensure that you run out of ammo. If this happens, pack up and move down to the generator room.

If you're feeling extra cheap, get on the almighty magic rock outside the lighthouse. Jump on magic rock and carefully inch your way down. Crouch here and voilá! no-one can find you. Don't worry about leaving your friends high and dry - this is about your glory, after all. If the occasional smoker tries to grab you, use the hunting rifle to change his mind.

These tips should increase your lifeline immensely! Remember careful planning and proper preparation are all that separate us from the brain-hungry, undead horde. For more tips, tricks and pro-human sentiment, head over to
Thanks againg dlr!
So many words that i just didn't know or wasn't remembering!These are the words:

Sem dúvida você tá ajudando vários à entender melhor a pronuncia.Só entender esse video letter by letter qualquer um se sentirá muito mais confiante.O negócio é que o listening é muito importante.Quão mais diverso o material que se ouve mais preparado estaremos para encarar uma conversa em inglês.