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Hey guys, I'm Daniel (new user) and that's my first topic... I knew this site by searching for english on google 'cuz I was struggling to learn english as fast as I could 'cuz I was preparing my english for me to have less difficulty in Canada (where I am now). My english before I came here was so bad. But now I think it's getting better, although needing many improviments. I'm doing High School in a School here (NBS) and is so hard to learn english around teenagers (it gets you so confused) because we learn all the sland and idioms but not the grammar but I'm not complaining 'cuz I'm doing ESL here (english as second language) with a japanese girl and a guy from Turkey. ANYWAY, I'm talking too much...

This topic is just for people who read sometimes abreviations or short forms impossible to recognize the meaning and we don't find in dictionaries, they call here "Virtual English" as in U.S. Is the english used in computer and SMS chats.

An Example: I would like to go with you to watch a movie.
Are you busy for it? Do you have much Homework?
Bye, See you.
= Correct form.

I'd like to go for a movie.
R U busy 4 it? Have much HW?
Bye, C 'ya.
= Virtual form.

Ok, that's it... isn't it funny when you see the difference? You're gonna find it a lot if you go to U.S. or Canada.
Bye guys... I Hope you like it.

*PS.: I learned a lot on this site... so I'd like to share what I'm learning here.
I hope my topics will be useful for you guys.

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Olá Danbr444,

Thank you for your tips!