What's your favorite sport?

I like to play badminton .
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I love to play soccer. Soccer is to me the best sport.
I like to play other sports too.
I like to play basketball
Hello. My first post :)

I really like to play volleyball and soccer. In fact, I play volleyball on thursdays and soccer on fridays. Well, the first reason to em to keep playing is to don't stop.
I really love taekwondo :D
My favorite sports are handball, soccer, cycling and swimming.
My favorite sports are taekwondo, soccer and mma.
I like run and play volleyball.
My favorite sport is tenis ans soccer
I like basketball, soccer, football and martial arts.
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I used to like soccer, but I lacked the skills. To make my point, suffice to say that the last time I tried it I kicked the ground. As a result, I broke my fifth metatarse, and had a sick leave for fifteen days (with a heavy plaster cast on the leg). Then a new plaster cast, and it itched badly!
After that, my buddies never allowed me get any near the soccer field, other than to back up and cheer them up, hehe.
Afterwards, I decided for jogging.
Just like Alessandro, Web-surfing is my favorite passtime too.
Movies and cable TV are of my liking, along with traveling, but as the monies are drying up, I have to choose less expensive activities. hehe.
I like to walk, but I don´t have time to do it.
I like to walk Montain Bike
Ok ! my favorite sport is motocicle off road.
I like a lot of a adventury.
Of course is the soccerball I love Soccerball if i could i play and watch soccerbal all the day
My favorite sports is " Muay thai "!
I like to swim. When I was a little kid I used to go to my swimming classes, then I moved to another state and I stopped to swim, now that I'm back to my original state, I'm back to my swimming classes, I do it on Wednesday and Fridays.
I like volleyball and swimming.
My favorite sport is volleyball and I think that I don't insterest about others sports.
I love to play softball / baseball! I play at the college. This sport is wonderfull
I really like volleyball, but not to be professional. Next year, I'll be on the 3rd grade of high school, so I think I'll join to the team of my school.
Diego Pikulski 2 5 42
I like playing Football, volleyball and basketball.
But in these days I don't have tried play anything.
Because I work and Study I don't have time to do anything.
I am becoming fat because I am a sedentary man.
I want a time to do an sport because is a good thing to do.
And I have bronchitis and the better thing to do is sports.
Because I respire better and have more air in my lung.
Best Regards.
Hello Everyone!
That's my pleasure to be here doing our exchange of knowledge about English.
Firstable i'd like to tell that i play TableTennis and this Sport is really very important to my life, because it i'm not so fat like i could be, because when i was my 11 / 12 years old i didn't do anything to exercise my body and my old brother played it on the school that later i would be there studying High School and he proposed to me play it with him, and i did and liked, that's why is my favorite Sport ever.
But there's a Sport that i like to watch more than TableTennis that is Tennis (Field) , i love to watch it.

But my favorite Sport is TableTennis.
It's not easy to give only one answer for this question, but there's no problem. Here's my two cents.
When I was a child swimming was my favorite one. Nowadays, I use to go to the pool just to unwind. Soccer and basketball are great to watching for sure. Now, if someone asks me what sport I'd like to practice I certainly say combat sports!
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I’m terrible at sports! But I love watching skating competitions on TV! So beautiful, so challenging – quite an art!
My favorite sport is the soccer, but I really like the karate.
My favorite sports are ride a bike, soccer, moto GP.
My favorite sports are soccer, fight, ride a bike...
I like to play soccer.
I love running and walking in the park; ride bicicle; hikking montain. I played handball but had long time ago. I loved it.