What's your profession and how do you like it?

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What's your profession and how do you like it?

- I’m studying to become a doctor and very proud of it because I’ll be able to save lives;
- I work as a photographer but I intend to become a journalist;
- I work as a salesman/saleswoman and I like it a lot because I like to deal with people;
- I’m a teacher and I love to share my knowledge with others.

In case you don’t work, or are intending to work in another job field, tell us about your plans to the future!

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Now it’s your turn!
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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3960 1 9 90
My real answer:

When I started studying accounting, some people used to say that in a near future accounting wouldn’t exist anymore and all the job would be done by computers. I always found that an absurd idea, once computers cannot take managerial decisions, analyze different options of investments, provide information to owners/customers/government/etc, and an enormous list of other points to be considered.

You all may remember the Enron scandal around 10 years ago. Since that, international accounting standards have become “really international”, i.e. it has become mandatory for most of companies all around the world, including Brazil. It has changed more significantly here in Brazil since 2007, when accounting laws started to be changed to adapt to the international rules.

In short,
- It is a very dynamic profession,
- It is impossible to replace an accountant with a computer, and,
- Knowing English is becoming essential in my profession once we have to be able to both read and interpret the international standards!
Avatar do usuário RenanKenplers 70 2

I have been working in the Building Managing area as an admnistrative assistant of a Building Manager called Controller here in Santo André. I love what I do, there are its pros and cons, but in a whole it is very rewarding working here. This is my first job and I started working in 19th February 2009. My work consists in dealing with people through phone, making a good interpersonal and communication skills a demand. I have to be able to work to tight deadlines and work under lots of pressure, once I deal with important documents.

I deal with internal and external correspondence, word processing letters, memos, presentations and so on. I maintain my office equipment, printers and etc. It is not unusual when I go out shopping some things like LCD tv's to the condominiums' movie rooms, or to solve problems with water bills and other paper-related documents. English is not required, once it is not a multinational company (a knowledge of it would be good, since you handle with computer's systems sometimes like me), although I stick to the fact I passed my job interview because I said I speak english.

I guess I am lucky because I am only seventeen and the company gave me an opportunity to work in a job which is of huge reliability, and it makes myself proud.

That's all. I hope you liked my description.

Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12460 1 22 210
A government-hired bureaucrat here. You will find me working at a university hospital from Monday to Friday. I try to do my job as best as I can. I like what I do, pero no mucho.
Avatar do usuário Gabi 785 1 1 15
At the moment I'm working as an au pair, so I look after children while living with a host-family.
It's not like a regular job, but it doesn't mean that I don't get to work, because I do.
I quite enjoy because the children I look after are lovely ,sweet and my host-family is relaxed and open-minded.
In a near future I hope to get at a university and hopefully fulfil my ambition. Even that I'm not exactly sure about what I want to do.
I am a teacher. I work in two public schools. My work is a little difficult but I like it. I study English because one day I want to travel to Europe, and I need to speak English then. And I need English to my work, too.
I'm studying to be a good lawyer, because I hate injustice and I want to defend the society of It.
Avatar do usuário josneywat 310 6
My present occupation is I am a logistic analyst. I had several jobs in this life in only one company.
I'm working for a very profitable German company.
I'm far and away a good guy looking for self improvement only.
Avatar do usuário Logan18 30
At the moment I'm an accounting analyst after my graduation I'm going to be an accountant. I really enjoy my job, otherwise I wouldn't be working with it ... I just think that my profession could be more recognized for the people in general, we are essential for companys and all they need some accountant, otherwise there would be no businesses and jobs for all of us around the world.

*Highlighting our role in the global financial crisis in which we help to solve the most of problem originated by the crisis with our knowledge in finances.
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Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
I just began studying at collegue, and I'm gonna be a computer engineer in five years. I like it. xD