Why were you named your name?

I was named Amanda, bacause all of my brother's name start with letter A, so my parents choose this name to me, I'm the youngest :D
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My name is Monica because my dad wanted to. His ex girlfriend had this name, but it is not my mum's name.
Hi everyone!

My name is Aline. By the time I was born, one of my mom's favorite song was one french song called Aline. She choose my name because of this song.

That's it,
See ya!
My name is Elen, Because my father saw this name in a movie and he liked it very much
Hi! Folks! Well i was named Flavio, despite of my grandmother used to watch that program Flavio Cavalcante in the old times, maybe there are generations here, that they don't know this program, but i know that there are other generations here who they have and had heard about Flavio Cavalcante's program, which it used to be played on the 70's and 80's, today he is died, he died a very long time ago, i don't know to precise the year of his death, then when she knew that i was on the way to be born, as a gift, my parents gave this name to me, in consideration and respect to my grandmother's asking for.
My name is samuel becouse my parents put the names of all in my family bible names, i have brothers with the names Josué, nehemias, josé, jeremias, elias, elizeu, eliézer
I was named after my great-grandfather, whose name was "Carlos" too.
It was my dad's idea, and my mom agreed with him.
I was named João Víctor after a soap opera character played by Tony Ramos. The original João Victor had a twin brother called Joaquim, so older people here will probably remember "João Víctor e Quinzinho".
Go figure.
So, my name's Rodrigo and I don't have idea why my parents choose that. I like my name, but everywhere I go has another Rodrigo. In my college room had 5, that's right FIVE. Buy the way, some these Rodrigos say, at the time were born (80's) there was a Rodrigo on TV novels.

see you all.

PS. I've named my son of Matheus, and there is so many kids with this name everywhere he goes! I think my family does'nt know to choose names.... :)
Well, my fellows, my name is Rafael because of some interesting facts about my conception...
During the conception period my mother had a bad message from the doctor, who said that I would born sick, with mental illness and that statement made her suffer a lot. Due to her faith in God, she dreamed that she was seeing a paper where was written the name Rafael, in red words, and underlined.

Then arrived the time of my birth and I came healthy. After this happening, she looked for the meaning of the name Rafael and, for her own surprise, it means "healed for God". She thought that God healed me in her venter, thus, nothing more fair than name me that name.

There were plenty of niceties to tell, however, I made an huge effort in order to explain why I am named Rafael.

See you, folks!
Well, my name is Leonardo. My mother said to me that she chose this name because she liked so much the singer Leonardo of Leandro & Leonardo.
I was named Claudomir, because my mother wanted a daughter instead of a son. But a little boy arrived first e she honored me with name's father.
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claudomir escreveu:[...] she honored me with name's father.
In all likelihood you probably mean, "your father's name" here.
I think I was named Lucas because Lucas is a name of Jesus' disciple. And because it means bright and luminous. ;)
My name is Filipe because my mother like this name. She gives my father the choice between Filipe Nonato and other name (I don't remember the other), so my Father chosen this name.
Filipe is one of the options because was a name of the Jesus's disciples.

Anyone can correct me if want
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My name is Ernando because of my father's name, he is called Ernando too, so we have the same name, but my whole name has the word "Filho" in the end. Actually I don't like my name that much because it is very large. :roll:
My parents' decision to called me using the same name of my dad make lose a little more time to sign documents :( .
Hi folks, my name is Ricardo and I don't know why.
My name is Roberta because my father's name is Roberto.
Well, my mother wanted that my name was Rodrigo and my father wanted it to be Cleber. My mom won (as usual)...
my name is Letícia because it was my grandmother's name! (She was my mom's mother)
I think it's a pretty name, I like it!!!
My name is Estevam. I dont have idea why this name. When I was born my dad was a Pastor and Estavão is a biblical name, so my name is Estevam... Different!
Raphael is one of the Archangels, according with the christian's creed.

In hebrew this name means: "Healed by God".
Because my mom thought that was a beautiful name and combined with me :D
João is name of my grandfather.
My real name is yuri... becouse of one doctor that called YURI ... and my name is this *-*
My name is Khadija because the frist wife of the muslim prophet called Khadija.
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I hated my name becouse on my childhood I received various nicknames as 'Doriente', 'Doriana', 'AnDorinha', etc. My father read a book called "The picture of Dorian Gray", I've never seen this movie.
My name is Mikaell because my mom have found Micael in the bible and she liked it, so she decided to put this name, and My father has chosen how to write, with k and double l
ernando 2
I was named my name because my dad wanted his son to have to same name he has, so my name is basically my father's name plus "Filho" in the end of it. I personally don't like my first name and people usually call me using my mid-name "Ernando" which I like. I think I might wanna change my name in the future in order to have a smaller name adding my mother's surname in replacement for one of my father's surnames and excluding "Filho" and my first name. But actually I think the process might be complicated, so I don't know for sure whether I'll do it.
My parents gave me name Wesley because of the movie "Blade" with actor Wesley Snipe. That seems funny, but i liked the choice!