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Queria uma ajuda no meu transcript. O video começa no minuto 10:59 ate 12:25

A: Tell me, that girl what was she? how did she bite me?

B: We call her kinda Diclounious

A: Diclonious?

B: It's a genetically altered human, a mutant

A: She was human?

B:As you know the mutation has marked by ... growing from the skull, but the crucial mutation is those extra hands you counted

A: You're kidding, right? or what are you saying they're born ... with those insane freaking weapon?

B:Those were her vectors, or recptors depending on the context, we dont much about how vectors develop yet, we know they possess an extraordinary speed, they vibrate such a high frequency ...cut through objects, but we dont believe they're intended a primarily to fuction as weapons.

A: What

B:In the past,individuals with this genetically abnormality died in infacy or could not reproduce, your target has proven yourself to be exceptionally adaptable, once she started developing we expected certain things of her environment acclamation, the mastery of her vectors, but now she's found a way to reproduce although it's very different from the normal humans methods.

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