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Alessandro 3655 3 11 85
Hi everyone,

No início, tínhamos um sonho: tornar a educação de qualidade acessível a todos. O English Experts é a chave desse nosso sonho: são quase nove anos de trabalho árduo divulgando no mundo virtual que estudar língua estrangeira não é impossível! Não é preciso ter muito dinheiro, basta dedicação e força de vontade!

Orgulhosamente anunciamos que ultrapassamos de 100.000 inscritos no site English Experts e não é só isso: mais de 150.000 publicações!

Agradecemos a vocês pela confiança na nossa Equipe e por acreditarem nesse sonho também! É por vocês que nos empenhamos diariamente em tornar o English Experts o melhor site de estudos autônomos de língua estrangeira! Esse número representa não só a nossa credibilidade e a confiabilidade que recebemos e sim que estamos conseguindo manter aquele nosso objetivo inicial.

Agradecemos a todos por esse número conquistado, a vitória não é só do English Experts, é de todos vocês que contribuem para provar que educação de qualidade é possível para qualquer um que queira!

Forte abraço,

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Donay Mendonça 63295 22 99 1535

Congratulations! All the hard work has paid off. It's a really rewarding experience for me. It seems like only yesterday that it all started.

Thank you very much.
felipeh6 2255 7 56
Mr Brandão,

Congratulations! It's an amazing experience! EE is a powerful tool to study and improve our English!

Well done! Good job!!
PPAULO 60110 6 45 1070
Congrats on your work, Donay and the EE team. Good job!
I joined in Feb 2013 (though I had been sneak-peaking for a while) and since then I have seen, and taken advantage of this means of communication, information and educational content (and much more, if you think of it), all rolled into one.
So, I was looking for some English stuff to study, and then I found the EE and seeing its simplicity, neatness, its members motivation and interactive ways, along with a degree of helping mentality (in a win-win way). Then I instantly clicked with it.
Since then, I have improved my English, became more commited to my studies a little bit and have seen the site experience and strive for continuous improvement.
From the beginning, I saw that it was a site with a purpose, and then I knew that it would be a boon to the Brazilian student of English. More so, when it attracts so seasoned and well-travelled guys out there, and natives with valuable and reliable insights.
Not to mention, that it serves people of all walks of life, of all levels of English/education. Everyone can take advantage of it; whichever channel, tool, device or technology they use.
So, it´s no wonder that when I joined the EE, it was at 58,000-odd membership and now it almost doubled over this period.
And while at it, I am grateful to the talented “pioneers”, members that joined the EE way before I had, to the natives, and those that had some experience abroad (or with English in general) and from whom I have learned and will learn a lot.
And thanks to the newbies for trusting me, and having the patience of reading some pieces of such chatterbox! He hee.
I wish you make the most of this site that is already a milestone in the English educational field in Brazil. To me, this achievement is to be celebrate, because I know it´s the number, the qualitative and quantitative leap as well. Thus, a personal achievement of sorts since I, somehow, have been part of this group.
Excuse me for some grammar or any other mistakes I´ve problably made. Like this site I am upgrading my skills! Feel free to correct them, though.