A king's jewel: qual é o significado?

Eu gostaria de saber o significado dessa frase, significaria "a joia de um rei" ou " uma joia de rei ". Vocês poderiam me dizer?

Agradeço adiantado.

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Redseahorse 2 28 369
' Uma joia do rei ' é a tradução correta.
Desculpa, mas você poderia me dizer o motivo?
Pois eu vi uma frase "a king's life" e a tradução era "a vida de um rei".
Redseahorse escreveu: 23 Fev 2020, 01:18 ' Uma joia do rei ' é a tradução correta.
O correto é "Jóia de um rei"
NeyF 3 24 203
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
And back to the crux: the Jewel of the king is a TV show in the U.S.
It's also a short story by Henry van Dyke. Ref. americanliterature

In it a subject of the kingdom comes in and wants to see the king, the guards and staff don't let him do so, but after some ruckus and tension running high, the king himself ask to let him in. He was claiming the king was a false king (in today's parlance "a fake king" of sorts). The reasoning was asked to keep and protect a precious gem, a jewel of the king
(literally a jewel that was of the king himself).
The guy had put his life in line to be true to his word of 'defending' it, no matter what. Just to discover that the jewel wasn't perfect from the very beggining, it's false! So, problably everything, including the king was false...

The king (an understanding, sensitive man) then made him know that the jewel could be, but not what it had made to the live of the subject. Neither had been his effort and what it had made to him and his life.
The effort, the changing, the loyalty was what matters to the king, it was the real Jewel of the king.

So, "the Jewel of the king" metaphorically means what is important, what we should focus in life, what should be priority to us. What is important and valued by somebody.

That expression might have evolved to "the Jewels of the crown" the best or most valuable part of something (as per Cambridge Dictionary definition).
Mas pelo oque eu li nesses posts, a tradução ficaria a joia de um rei e não uma joia do rei.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Indeed it´s usually expressed with "the jewels of the king/the king´s jewels" "a jóia do rei". Matching that story and definition I have explained before. Not that one would sue you if you used the other way, of course.