Backbreaking x Toil: Como utilizar

luigidarco 5
Encontrei a frase: "He rested from the backbreaking toil of putting in fences."

"Backbreaking" e "toil" se referem ambos a um trabalho arduo.. Por que eles aparecem juntos, não seria redudante? Qual a diferença entre eles?
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PPAULO 50575 6 42 916
In a way, yes, but it´s acceptable. There is a pattern with the "backbreaking" word, it is usually followed by "work/job/task/labor". Perhaps to contrast one situation from the other.
I mean we could distinguish "a backbreaking job" from "a backbreaking task", a small difference in nuance.

Bryan Philpott 2680 8 74
Well, backbreaking is an adjective, and toil is a noun. Backbreaking will be used to modify some noun, such as those Paulo mentioned.

Toil can be mental or physical, but backbreaking is used to make clear that the toil is physical, and arduously so.

PPAULO 50575 6 42 916
Good point, Bryan. Thanks for sharing your insight, that last piece of information comes in handy indeed.