Break Up x Break Down: Qual a diferença

What's the difference break up/breaking up x break down/breaking down?

Thank you.
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Donay Mendonça 60245 21 100 1455
Olá Junninho,

Break up:Quebrar em pedaços,separar em partes menores,encerrar algo,terminar namoro,relacionamento.

Break down:Parar de funcionar,pifar,arrombar uma porta,digerir,começar a chorar.

Breaking up:Quebrando em pedaços,separando em partes menores,encerrando algo,terminando namoro,relacionamento.

Breaking down:Parando de funcionar,pifando,arrombando uma porta,digerindo,começando a chorar.

Bons estudos!

Marcio_Farias 12560 1 23 212
Just an addition based on donay's post.

As far as my sometimes fallible ESL mind can conceive, an automobile will eventually break down if one repeatedly or customarily fails to subject it to regular, preventive maintenance. You can't possibly think of it "breaking up."

If an automobile breaks down, it means it somehow stopped or ceased functioning or started acting up and now you've realized it needs fixing. Or an entire overhaul. I cannot picture an automobile "breaking up."

"The old jalopy broke down halfway up the hill" = The old, dilapidated vehicle stopped functioning or operating as it reached the middle of the hill. (Its engine probably started sputtering and the old thing finally clunked to a stop. The car probably has seen a lot of use over the years and now too much wear and tear has finally taken its toll on it.)

My ESL mind welcomes other elucidative additions. Or sentence examples on how a car "breaks down."

Thank you for the help!

See you :)