Como dizer "a verdade nua e crua" em inglês

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Warts and all

Meaning: If you show something warts and all, you show it exactly as it is without trying to hide any of its faults or weaknesses.

Se aplica naquelas situações em português em que é necessário mostrar ou dizer a "verdade" nua e crua.

Como vocês verão nos exemplos abaixo:

  • Are you sure you want to read the first draft? You'll see it warts and all, with all the mistakes and all the bad writing still there.
  • People don't want to see an idealised version of his life. They want to know the real story, warts and all.
  • Cancer risk, warts and all.
  • When Cromwell sat for his portrait he said, "Paint me as I am, warts and all!"
  • A new display at the National Library of Australia: Facing Percy Grainger, presents a ‘warts and all' view of Grainger's life drawn principally from the...
  • What we aim for in quoting people is not a raw transcript, but a representation of their actual words within the conventions of standard written English. Warts and all.

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My suggestion:

The stark truth.

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Hi Guys

You can also say the plain truth and the naked truth but I think the stark truth is pretty good.

The naked truth
The plain truth

Tim :D

> a verdade nua e crua
(noun) the true facts or relevant information about something. - Google Translate

> desonesto, ardiloso, infame, fútil, sórdido
(adj.) mean and unfair. - Google Translate