Como dizer "acordo amigável" em inglês

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amicable settlement

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  1. Senior ministers have also called for an amicable settlement.
  2. A team of GTE negotiators had believed they were making progress toward an amicable settlement.
  3. When I last spoke to the seller's attorney, Greg McAtee, both parties were trying to work out an amicable settlement.
  4. A certain amount of patience and negotiation are needed to get an amicable settlement for the cause of Palestine.
  5. Reports also indicate that the couple reached a mutual and amicable settlement over their assets and custody of their children prior to the divorce.
  6. If no will is found, Lummis, who is the court-appointed temporary co-administrator of Hughes'estate, hopes to divide up that estate in an amicable settlement among the 22 heirs.
  7. Given that Major League Baseball schedules the hearings at any point during Feb. 1-21, the later dates afford the team and players some breathing room to reach an amicable settlement.
mutual agreement