Como dizer "Alto nível de comprometimento" em inglês

Gostaria de saber como descrever/ adjetivar uma pessoa que tem como caracteríscia um alto nível de comprometimento com seu trabalho/atividades/projetos (que a pessoa leva a sério seus compromissos profissionais).
Observo que comumente usa-se o termo "higly committed" porém, procuro um termo diferente para ser utilizado em uma cover letter, caso isso possa ser expressado diversamente.
Agradeço desde já :)

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It goes under the subject of "dependability", so here you go (for illustration´s sake, it´s open to your creativity):

Dependability or still Personal Strenghts/Key Strenghts/(or under) Personal Profile (or what you have).

Exceptionally reliable and trustworthy when given
An assignment

A strong personal commitment to successfully completing all projects

Meets responsibilities promptly

Fulfills all commitments

Meets expectations

Can be relied upon to do the job and any other
Assigned tasks

Committed to organizational goals

Extremely dedicated

Effectively follow up assignments

These aren´t exact translations, but related to the "highly committed (or just commited)" thing. Thus, you could use more than one of these if you wish. Provided that one doesn´t state the same thing as the other.

You can also peer some resumé/CV, etc and see something with the words "diligent/devoted/enthusiastic/driven,...etc.

It´s also worth noticing, that what you write you are bounded to do (and to be like) when working, so... ;-)
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