Como dizer "Aluno turista" em inglês

Simon Vasconcelos 4330 7 83
É aquele aluno que não se preocupa com as aulas, aparecendo esporadicamente na escola.
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Zumstein 11680 1 24 379
We can call them:

Hooky player
One who is absent from school without permission.


AWOL – "Absence Without Leave"
Students who skip a portion of a class, a full class, or several classes are considered AWOL.

Mas, será que se dissermos “tourist” mesmo, o pessoal não vai entender?

Thomas 14670 7 59 287
Sorry to disagree. "AWOL" is a miltary term. The meaning is "Absent without official leave". "Leave" is something given in the military, but not in schools.

I have never heard "hooky player". If you will run it through Google, you will see that the search engine confuses it with "hockey player", something quite different. I think we can forget about "hooky player". Yes, "to play hooky" does exist. "He often plays hooky."

A common expression used by schools is "truant". "Jill is truant again. She was truant twice last week too." It is an adjective, not a noun.

Calling someone a "tourist student" or a "student tourist" will NOT be understood in the USA. I would suggest "he often plays hooky" and "he is often truant". If he is late to class, he is "tardy".

Zumstein 11680 1 24 379